Decorating with showcases

For over 40 years we furnish through our cases and exhibitors, meeting the demands of the italian and foreign. A large area equipped and modern machinery and advanced that we can treat the product in great detail while keeping a good quality/price ratio.

Showcases H180

Showcases H198


Cases for Counter

Cases Special

Cases Angle

Wall Cabinets

Cases Aluminium


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Sectors and Examples of realization

We produce windows and displays suitable for every use


Display practical, functional and economical for optimum visibility of your products.


Showcases studied and designed for the display of technical articles.

Gift articles

Forniture exhibition to put your products with elegance and safety.


Fourniture exhibition particulary bright and for optimum visibility and safety of your jewelry.


Showcases specific to exposure and safe conservation of archaeological/ historical with the use of suitable materials for this purpose.


Realizations of furniture for custom shops, for exposure of object of various types.


Showcases aimed at submitting articles for promotional your customers.

Large retailers

Structures with a guarantee of solidity and safety for the exposure of your products.

Promotional Displays & Custom

Our team is able to work and to cooperate strictly with big Companies which need a large volume of production, integration with the existing workflow and projects based on particular requests.

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From Design to Product

La Vetrina has been created in 1974 by some entrepreneurs, who, on the basis of a growing market, started an enterprise able to satisfy the requirements of many shops and commercial centres. The immediate success of these new products was just due to some important customers, who firstly used the showcases as a promotional mean, in order to give a better support to their articles.

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Glass Warehouse

Glass Processing

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After having matured different cooperations with some big companies, the acquired experience allow us to offer ad hoc solutions both in project and in production.


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